The Oceanic range of scuba diving Masks includes everything from compact, lightweight and low profile to larger, more specialised diving and snorkelling masks. Our range includes both framed and frameless styles, each offering key advantages depending on a divers requirements. Certain framed masks, such as the Ion and Ion 4 masks can be fitted with either plus or minus corrective lenses whereas as frameless masks can not but frameless masks, including the very popular Shadow Mask, are lighter and offer a lower internal volume with the ability to fold almost flat making them great as backup masks stowed in a pocket or pouch.

Higher specification masks, such as the Pioneer mask, include ultra clear tempered glass instead of standard tempered glass. Ultra clear glass has a lower impurity content that means light rays are not blocked or deflected back out of the mask which improves light transmittance through the glass, making everything seem brighter and colours more vibrant. The glass remains just as strong and just as safe as standard tempered glass

The full Oceanic Mask range is available from any of our dealers and dive shops around the UK and Ireland who will be able to answer any questions you may have and give you advice on choosing the best scuba diving mask for you. You find your local dive store please visit our Dealer Locator page.