Oceanic Fins are designed to deliver power and efficiency by using the latest in technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure high performance and quality. Our range of fins include both full foot and open heel fin types, a variety of blade types including channel and split fin technologies. Full foot fins are ideal for snorkelling or light travel scuba diving as they are much lighter than open heel as they generally do not need to propel as much mass through the water. Open heel fins allow either neoprene or drysuit boots to be inserted into the foot pocket and secured using either an adjustable rubber strap or spring strap. Open heel fins are generally heavier but also stronger and capable of propelling a much more heavily equipped diver through the water.

Different blade types offer different finning characteristics, performance levels and efficiency. A standard style of blade is simply a surface to move and control water to propel the snorkeller or diver forward. More advanced fins start to add extra control panels or vents to either improve performance or reduce stress and implement flexible sections in a blade to allow the fin to flex in a controlled way for increased thrust. Split fins are currently considered to be the pinnacle of performance with a blade that mimics nature itself and uses lift like a bird or plane wing to create positive and negative pressures that aid diver propulsion.