Our drysuits are proudly made entirely in our UK factory to our exacting standard that ensures each suit is expertly cut, stitched, taped and finished to your specification before being fully pressure tested. We continuously strive to improve the dry suits that we produce by researching, developing and testing new ideas for suit designs and materials that will help to increase the suit characteristics, weight, strength, fit, flexibility and usability of our drysuits.

All of our drysuits can be altered to fit additional pockets, change seal types, change boot / sock size or lengthen / shorten arms and legs. When you visit your local dealer for measuring and fitting you will be able to discuss any changes that you want to your suit of choice.

To find the best fitting size be sure to take a look at our size guide. Don’t forget that all suit sizes are also available in short or tall variants if required to shorten or lengthen the arms and legs