Dive computers are an essential piece of scuba diving equipment, helping to keep you safe during your dive and offer greater flexibility and longer bottom dives times compared to decompression tables. The Oceanic range of dive computers offer much more than just this basic functionality and have been developed to make diving easier, safer and more enjoyable by incorporating new technologies and features such as our Dual Algorithm technology that allows you to choice a decompression algorithm that best suits the type of diving you will be doing.

Our range of computers spans all recreational divers from newly qualified divers looking for their first dive computer that will take them safely into the underwater world, to the annual overseas holiday diver that wants a stylish watch style computer to the advanced diver that is venturing into extended reach or advanced decompression diving. All interface enabled dive computers support the transferring of dive profiles to a PC or Mac as well as automatic updating of the computer firmware to ensure it has the latest and greatest features and functions at all time.

All UK purchases of an Oceanic dive Computer are protected by a Lifetime warranty that will guarantee the computer against manufacturing faults and defects for the original owner for the life of the computer. All you need to do is register the computer and annual service the unit at an authorised Oceanic dealer to maintain the warranty status. We will even supply the battery service kit free of charge so you will only need to pay for the labour costs. For more information about the warranty programme please visit the Lifetime Warranty page.